ZOMG love the riddler

i was reading this book the other day and it had a riddle in it

‘What is an eleven letter word that everybody pronounces inccorectly?’

and OMG. i dont think ive ever been more stumped in my life! seriously it is rrreeeaaalllyyy hard. and when the answer finally hit me, well lets just say i felt like a complete idiot. so i post this question out to all of you what is an eleven letter word that everybody pronounces inccorectly?


2010 Abbey Medieval Festival!

didja miss me?

as you might of gussed today i went to the abbey medieval festival with my family*sigh*on thw whole it was pretty awesome. I’d been there once before, so there really wasnt anything i hadn’t seen before (besides the jousting, but ill get to that later) but still, i was blown away! the authenticity of it all! it was a 80% perfect. i found it quite funny because the sign at the entrance said “authentic medieval” and some chick in proper medieval outfit – not at all flawed – and she ruins the whole thing by texting on her iphone….i mean seriously….

but OH MAH GAWD! there were so many things there! Stalls, jousting tournament, archery competition, so you think you can medieval dance, horseback archery display, fencing, oil wrestling, gypsies, renaissance fair, jesters, floggings, music, puppet shows, romani trail, morris dancing, stainded glass tours, cannon tactics (shit those things are loud, my ears are still ringing), there was pretty much everthing imaginable! If you guys havent gone before i suggest you should! and omg, dont get me started on the food! aaahhhh, pigs on spits, lamb shanks, pancakes, ale, wines, pinnara and a whole bunch of other stuff that i cant spell! omg the food was AWESOME!

I bought heaps of stuff while i was there ($100+) and the stuff was a bit exy but it was deffinatly worth it, the quaitly at this place was supurb! i bought this beautiful pentagram necklace its rimmed with authentic rune scripts and has a blue jewl in the middle ($44), i bought a pair of sterling silver pentagran studs($6), i also bought a full length blue cloak; the good stuff ($75) beautiful im gonna wear it ever chance i get! and i got this celtic ring, it kinda loks like a really fancy silver rope ($7) i also got this really nice celtic box. it had celtic patterns carved onto it and it had a big pentagram engraved into the lid($15). and i bought about $20 worth of food.  but it sux cause i know ow my mom for the cloak (she bought it for me) so i have to pay it back to her. but oh well, the cloak was worth it.

we also watched the jousting tournament, we were in the nobels seating areas. It was arganorts vs amazons and for all of you ceatons that mean boy vs girl. its was wicked. some 60yr old dude won, it was epic.

omg i almost forgot i got a tattoo! its one of those indian ones – henna – itll last me about 3 weeks, and its good cause it just fades away in my skin, it doesnt peel or scratch off XD.



This is my guess

I found this pic on the net the other day and i reckon that this is probably the most plausable theory….you’ll see what i mean

There’s a snake in mah boot!

wat does that heading mean? I’ll get to that in a bit.

The other day i went out to the movies with two of my friends: Princess and Mr Bobble Head. (lol i love the nicknames i gave them) before i actually met up with them, i was walking around the shopd and i ran into this little stall. guess what it was selling…..A SHAM WOWS! oh yeah im serious. so after we all met up we walked around the shops and i led them to the sham wow stand right. and my friend: Mr bobble head mangaed to con the guy into giving us two SHAM WOWS! ‘they’ll make you say wow, every time!’  it was pretty damn cool. so now i have a SHAM WOW! as you might have guessed getting a $20+ SHAM WOW! for free makes me happy. and omg. there were clowns. i hate clowns. one of them was eating a clown ice-cream from wendys….that aint right man. its like cannablism…but creamy. anyway. more fun stories. we were walking through K-mart and you know those photo prining stations/ computer or what ever you want to call them? yeah, those ones. well just for the heck of it we decided to print somthing off. i bluetooth’d a few pics over and we put the name in for the recipiant as ‘Bat Mantam” it was the funniest thing ever. We also went over to one of those machines that takes ur height and wieght for you. and when my friend has his turn, the recpit didnt actualy snapp off so we managed to take out the whole reel of recipt paper. so friggin halrious man. there was easily several or more meters of it there. we looked like such retards puching it around in a trolly. it was awesome. oh, we also went to the EB games shop (it was having a half price sale) and they were testing out the new halo game and this little kid was playing right, he would of been any more than like 10 or 11. so Mr bobble head and Princess are like. ‘aw yeah, ima gonna beat you!’ the little kid practically smashed them both…repeadtedly. and like Mr Bobble head and Princess are 14 and 15 and they were tatally getting creamed by this cocky little kid. the funniest thing ever.

Then eventually we went to go see the movie – Toy Story 3. its was awsome it was packed full of todlers and little kids and then there was us, three teens. too kewl. it was really funny cause up the back there were some kids who clapped when the movie started, so we were like ‘wtf are they clapping?!?!?!’ then we came up with the idea that we would clap and laugh at all the inopropriate parts. it worked like a charm. it made the movie a whole lot funnier. and woody kept on saying that shity line, theres a snake in mah boot! its so stupid and random its just so funny. anyway the movie was awesome.

omg! i almost forgot about the kid and his mom! we were walking to Ed’s Pc’s or somthing (i forget which shop) and we walked past this kid and his mom and the boy was looking all anoyed and sad and all you can hear is the mom saying “…now if you dont behave yourself your going in the bin!”…..yes i am totally serious. i mean it. im not joking. she actually said that. who says that to a kid! we didnt even look like he was six or seven for the gods sake! but hell. we pretty much burst out laughing right in front of her we couldnt stop laughing for like ages. seriously ‘….or your going in the bin…’ who says that! it still makes me laugh thinking about it.

well guys that pretty much a run down of my day out with my friends at the movies. hope you enojyed!

Fav Shane Dawson Post

I was randomly surfing youtube the other night and i came across this video. I admitt i really love shanes work, its awesome. But i think this is one of his funniest. It may be one of his simplest, but its just too good not to share.


Medical School

This guy just got out of Med school. Nice to see hes putting his skills to use

Med School

I love these

Funny as pics ❤ I woud just like to say i got all of these pics off  http://www.thereifixedit.com i take no credit for these XD