A wise man once said…

i was sitting in a coffe shop the other day – just relaxing – and i ovehear this couples conversation. (dont get up me for listening in…curious cats like my are like that) One of them said:

…why is it that, even though im surrounded by people; my friends, my family, my colleuges, why is it that even though i am surrounded by friends, i feel so incredibly lonely?…”

Now for me this mans words meant alot to me. I know it wasnt even my convesation, i shouldn’t of even been listening, but i couldnt help it. when i heard that mans words…somthing inside me…i dont really know how to explain it….snapped? no i dont know, but what that man said had meant alot to me. It was about that time during my thoughts that his friend had a go at him.

but i see sense in that mans words.

you may be surrounded my people and family and friends and still be alone; it is more often that not.

now i ask you, what is your oppinion?


Woah really random this

I was listening to a song this afternoon while i was washing and vacuming the floors ( 😦 ) and someting popped into my head. another poem. (im really on a roll lately)]

tell me what you think!

How could you do that?

How could you sit there,

And watch my bleeding heart decay?

You sat there,

you almost seemed to smile.

Why were you smiling?

Why do you take such pleasure in my pain,

You are the one who put me through this.

Why do you enjoy this so?

Why do you seem to enjoy this,

More than you enjoyed loving me,

And me loving you?

– Mangagirl33 (me)

Cool new poem i wrote

He strode out into the clearing, his hair streaked with sunlight. He looked like he hadn’t slept in a while; his dark shoulder length hair was slightly ruffled, his clothes were creased and he had bags under his eyes.
I watched him turn around and look at me, right at my eyes.
He started to walk over. His long strides equalled the length of three of mine. He was tall, so his broad shoulders blocked out the sun rays threatening to block my vision of him.
He stood in front of me; dark and glorious.He reached up to touch my face then…
I woke up.
How come the best moments of my life always end up to be dreams?

Hey look what i found!

I found one of my old poetry books today, some fo my poems from it have already been posted by i found two that i havent read in a while.

i hope you like them!

As she lay her head on her pillow case,
She listened to the sound of the heave base.
The music played soft & clear,
Only for the keenest ear.
The music swum around & around,
…As if trying to keep her mind constantly bound.
Her heartbeat slowed,
Her eyes closed,
As she soundly lay down to sleep.

sleep – Mangagirl33 (me)

This unrecognisable pain
Idont know it
Where did it come from
…How long shall it last
Why me?

Pain – Mangagirl33(me)

Two new poems in one

i wrote 2 new poems today and instead of making them 2 seperate posts i thought i would just combine them. i hope you like them!

Risen from the firery ashes of hate,
The girl walk alone on the plain,
Searching for her next victim.
She makes the perfect killer,
No fear,
No love,
No hate.
Not even the slightest hint of emotion creeps across her hidden face,
As she stalks down her prey,
Alone in the night.
She makes the perfect killer,
No reason to live,
No reason to die.
She makes the perfect killer,
Her icery heart as cold,
As cold as her haunted eyes.’

Perfect Killer – Mangagirl33(me)

poem number 2!

I try not to recognise it,
Truely i try.
I try not to recognise,
your beauty thats blatently stares me in the eye.
I try not to recognise it,
…because once i do,
I will fall into the depths of my undeniable doom
recognise – Mangagirl33(me)

I really like this one i wrote

With great power comes great…evil

what beholds this evil,

who shall comand it

and who shall suffer it?

only the hands of fate shall tell

who will be the first to fall

in that long line of pain decipt and death

evil – Mangagirl33 (me)

a poem i wrote fom ages ago

She sat next to the cold dark pillar
surounded by mounful souls.
‘such delicious and delectible souls’
she thought.
The crying
…The mourning
The regretful sighs
It was enough to make even her cry;
To cry tears of joy
At the suffering that surrounded her.
‘How delectible this is’
she murmered as she silently licked her soft cold lips

soloum souls – Mangagirl33 (me)