Daily Theme Song: Kryptonite – Three doors Down


Daily Theme Song: Awake and alive – Skillet

Daily Theme Song: Whispers in the Dark – Skillet

ill put up another one cause i really love this band!

Daily Theme Song: Dont forget to breathe – Alexi Murdoch

hey guys i know i havent posted anything really significant in a while, but just let me say – BLOODY HELL GUYS IM GETTING TO IT! and i really like the song, and as you might of guseed i found it while watching the end of SGU. if you dont already know what it is….dont ask. anyway – here it is!

Daily Theme Song: Airplanes – i dunno who did it but its a cool redo of the song

Daily Theme Song: Your love is my drug – Kesha

Dily Theme Song: Remember the Name – For Minor

Zomg i just love this song ❤