The begining Pt.2

as you guys may of guessed i cant seem to get to sleep tonight so ive been thinking about the second section of my story. ive had an idea and i really like it. tell me what you think

‘Its’ face, ‘its’ smile. It was both horrifying and brilliant. I thought i might of had enough will power to resist going over to her – like i have been for the past five years – but not today, there was just something i had to know, what was so different about today? I walked up to the park bench where ‘it’…she sat, she was still smiling at me. “Who are you?” she said “What are you doing?”she spoke in a strange monotone, sorta like a female version of mircosoft sam…just a bit less…computery.

“I’m Camron,  what’s you’re name?” I couldnt even stop the words before they left my mouth, i had almost efectivly lost all of my self control.

“Why are you talking to me?”  what a rude little…girl(?) i thought

“Am i not allowed to talk to you?” i enquiered

“Yes…and no. People don’t talk to me.”

“Why?” There was no stopping me now, as i continued to talk to the girl i could feel this strange…essence twirling around me.

“I’m hungry…”

“Excuse me?” she repeated the sentance “If your so hungry why dont you go get somthing to eat?”

“I can’t move. Not allowed to move. I mus stay here-” As she spoke those words her face glazed over as almost if she was in a kind of trance. That alone told me i should be running right about now, but i couldn’t. For some reason i just couldnt leave this little girl alone.

“You stay there then, i’ll get you somthing to eat.” I ran across the park over to the vending machine all kids like chocolate right? i hastily though as i hurried back to the girl. She saw me coming back and a look of relief flowed across her face. almost as if she didnt expect me to come back. I felt my face flush. why the hell am i blushing?! i though angrily too myself.I handed her the chocolate and she smiled. The same one as before, it sent shivers down my spine.

“mmm…thank you.” She said. its was strange. she still used that weird monotone. her voice never changed. i wonder why…

“Why are you here…I mean, why do you sit here?” I couldnt help myself, i kind of just blurted it out.

“I’m waiting for someone.”

“waiting for someone?”

“Yes. He promised me. He said he had to go away, and that one day he would come back. He said to wait for me here. I wait everyday. Because he will come back.”

I suddenly felt a pang for this little girl. Yes, there was deffinatly somthing weird – to say the least – about her, but I couldnt help but feel sorry for her.

“When was the last time you saw him?”

“8 years ago, he said he had to leave and that he would always come back. It’s been so long…i can’t even remember his name.” she lloked solemly up to the sky “But i know he will come back, he promised”

“Well how about this? You tell me what he looks like and ill keep an eye out for him. I grew up here and i got back from traveling overseas 5 years ago, so i know my way around. So what did he look like?”

The girl reached inside of her breast pocket on her dress and pulled out a photo of a boy and girl.

I felt the colour drain from my face.

“Where did you get this?” I couldnt stop my voice from shaking, let alone my hands.

She pointed to the boy in the photograph “He gave it to me, so i would always remember.”

That was it, the last of my will power and self control had just flown out the now transparent window.

“A…are…are you…by any chance…could you possibly…are you…Vinnie?”

“Yes. my name is Vinnie. How did you know?” I wrapped myself as tightly around Vinnie as i possibly could. I breathed her very essence in. her very being. “What are you doing?”

“Vinnie! It’s me! Camron! Cam…you remember, its me Vinnie. Its Cam.”

The memories can flooding back to me, I was 11 and she was 10. My parents had just hooked a job doing telvision around the world – sorta like getaway – Vinnie was my one and only friend. I had always promised to come back to her. I had given her that picture of me, so she wouldnt never forget. I came back five years later, for school. i had totally forgotten about her. But she had never forgotten about me.

“Cam? Is it you?” Her small pale hand reached up to my square jaw; i was still hugging her “Your all big.”

I couldnt help but laugh. “It took me a while, but i kept my promise Vinnie. I came back. Now you. What happened to you? Why do you still look like this?” I lifted my head up so i could look at her face. I almost gasped at what i saw. She was fading, litterally. I could see through her. like she was a ghost. It was mortifying.


“Thank you Cam. You came Back.” She smiled at me. and her voice. oh it was beautiful. not like in that montone she had been speaking in this whole time, but her old voice. It sounded like angels singing. It made those memories that much more painful. The flood gates opened and i started to cry, the tears burned my cheeks. she waited all this time for me i thought. I look up to tell her how much i missed her, but she was already gone. faded away into nothingness.

It was only later on I found out that about 3 months after i had left; one day from coming home from the park bench, Vinnie was hit by a car. She was killed instantly.


The begining Pt.1

ive decided o enter this writng competition and i have this really bad writers bloack and this was all i could come up with. So can you guys please tell me what you think?

It’s still there. I say ‘it’ because im not even sure if ‘it’ is human, a girl to be precise. she sits there everyday. not moving, not speaking, her clothes dont even change and shes always there, she’s been there for five years. She always sits there, her blonde hair tied up neatly on either side of her head on two plait’s, she wore a red and white checkered dress that stopped about three-quaters of the way down her leg. She had strange white, frilly cuffs on her wrists and the socks she wore under her black shoes were simmilar. but it was always her eyes that got me, dark like the sea after a storm. So dark and scary, but mournfully beautiful at the same time. its really errie if you ask me. Oh and the fact that she never ages helps with the errie thing too…She hasent aged in five years

she looks younger than me (im 19) 10…11 at most, i cant be sure, but one thing i can tell is this: only i can see her. I know this because, no one talks to her, let alone looks at her. But somthing was different today. Her hair is down. Curiosity welled up inside of me, almost bursting…why was ‘it’ different today? thoughts like these swum through my mind. That’s when the strangest thing happened… she moved. Her small, heart-shaped face turned towards me and smiled. To an outsider it would of looked innocent and beautiful, but to me it was just plain terrifying.

and thats all i got so far. i have an idea of what i am going to do next. but my problem is i only have a 500 word limit (sigh) its a shame really. i means what the point in making a creative writing competition if they dont even give you enough room to BE creatitve. but thats beside the point. id love to know what you guys think!

Hey look what i found!

I found one of my old poetry books today, some fo my poems from it have already been posted by i found two that i havent read in a while.

i hope you like them!

As she lay her head on her pillow case,
She listened to the sound of the heave base.
The music played soft & clear,
Only for the keenest ear.
The music swum around & around,
…As if trying to keep her mind constantly bound.
Her heartbeat slowed,
Her eyes closed,
As she soundly lay down to sleep.

sleep – Mangagirl33 (me)

This unrecognisable pain
Idont know it
Where did it come from
…How long shall it last
Why me?

Pain – Mangagirl33(me)

cool convo i had with my friend

for a while ive had a penpal (well, more of an email pal really) in america and we are both full on addicted to both anime and manga and when i told her somthing (youll find out what soon) well…its better i show you…(what i have say will be in the darker font and my friend will be the lighter)

the last chapter of FMA was released!
FMA must continue forever! It can not end! NNNNNOOO! how dare they end it! i loved that series! GGGGGRRRRRRRRr. but the ending was so awesome, so beautful, so epic! I loved it so much i almost BURST!
but still…

erm…wats FMA? :/
wait a min…….FMA….oh! i got it!!! its FullMetalAchlimest!!!! (or however its spelt)
WAT!!!!! HOW DARE THEY END FMA!!!!!!!! THOSE BAST***S!!!!!1 D:<
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! FMM CANT END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😥
(all tho ive never read the manga and only watch the anime >_>)
but yea, donsent FMA hav like 5 different seasons, erm somthing?
like theres FMA BrotherHood, then FMA Road to Shan-watever that place was called, then another that i compeletly forgot the name of the subtitle….oh well. at least FMA will never end in our hearts ♥♥♥ 🙂

lol yeah it is FullMetalAlchemist.
and it is ssoooo BS right?
and it
Full Metal Alchemist (i think it was 5-6 season yeah…somthing like that)
Full Metal Alchemist – Brother Hoo
Full Metal Alchemist – the conqueror of shamballa

zomg and you sssooooooo have to read the manga. it was the BEST. it was so awesome it like totally ties with the awesomeness of the anime!


I just have to express to all of my reader how absolutly devestating this news is!

please leave a comment if you feel the need to express your sadness for the final chapter of the full metal alchemist series. WE SHALL MISS YOU EDWARD AND ALPHONSE-KUN!

Another cool quote from Death Note

With fear i know it.
Only from living in vain in this nerve-racking state that i know this.
Ultimatly, he who calls,
out to me, he who,
yearns for my death, will kill me.
…Of course i know it.
Definatly for Kira I am just…
Literally a prey


I really love to read. it kinda makes me feel free…i dont know if that makes sense…to an outsider anyway (someone who doesn’t read).

Reading is one of the things i love most about my life, but its also one of the things i hate the most. It bring me incredible joy and un-imaginable pain. You see, i like reading because its an adventure. As you read you dive into the book, you become the chracters, live the story almost. I’ve traveled to Europe, China, Japan, Atlantis, Space, Magical Lands (and some times even high school!)  just in the space of my own living room/library. I can learn many new things, but most of all i get a better understanding of how the human mind works. you see, that is one of the things that facinates me the most; the intricate working of the human mind…but thats a story for another time…now back to the topic. I really do love to read, but as i said before i absolutly hate it. the reason why is…all book eventually come to an end, they have to end eventually, now matter how long they are (yes, “the neverending story” that means YOU!). I hate reading because eventually ill have to stop reading, jump out of my adventure and go back to the real world. my dull life as it is. you see thats why i hate reading, because book finish too quickly. once they end, i have to go back to being me, and when you think about it. that is never as fun as one of the chracters in a story. Books, life, everything for that matter must – at one point anyway – come to an end, that is how it is. and i hate that, the fact of life as it is. it is one of the worst ones i can think of.

You see reading is one of the things that give me the most pleasure in my life and yet it also causes me some of the worst pain. i admitt there are deffinatly things that hurt more…i know that as well. but it still sux, to envolve yourself in a terrif story, get to the know the chracters and as soon as you start to fell as if you are a part of the story yourself…it ends. and you have to go back to being yourself. but i think its worth it. to momentarily escape reality and to enter a world…for that matter many worlds of wonder, magic, adventure, crime, mystery, action, adventure, horror and the occasional slice of romance. its nice to have a small taste of those things i will never get to eat…dont you think so?