This displeases me…..

Let me just say, adults are pricks. Big, fat, pompous and totally incomprehensible PRICKS!

ok im good now.

Well, not really. You see. For me, one of my chores is washing the dishes a few times a week. Following me? good, well my moms often opening for bargening. And latley ive been skipping the dishes and she hasn’t even said a word….almost. My moms a crafty bitch. No matter what agreement you come to with her she can always find a loophole to make things more…agreeable for her. so i was wondering. how come she letting me off. So saturday night comes along, we have a visitor, so that makes 5 of us. Big roast were having, with all of the sides too. potato, tomato, lettuce, peas, gravey, carrots, breans, brocili, coliflower the lot. And i usually do sunday or monday nights washing up right? So i go off to the computer (i didnt like the guest….hate would be a better word….so i wanted to be bymyself) and i hear my mom call me. “Come do the dishes!” and i was like WTF (in my mind of course my mom would have a coniption if i said that) “‘Why, it isnt my night” so shes like “youve been skipping out on so many nights, you can do it tonnight…” She looks at me and sees she not gonna tear me away from the computer “Or no computer for a week.” Her friggin supirior grin friggin pissed me off as my mouth practicall hung open.

you see thats why shes a crafty bitch, she plannes to let me off she she could gt out of doing the dishes on a night with practically TRIPLE the amount. and thats not all! then she makes me go and clean the frecking oven as well!

So i would like to ask you, what ‘displeases’ you? What really gets on your nerves. Particually stuff ur parents do or make you do? what do you find the most anoying about them? go ahead and leave a post.  and person with the best comment will be featured in a post 1-2 weeks from now. so hurry up and send me in ur comments!


About mangagirl33
Hi there! Well about could say im very 'out there' and ready to tackle any (well most...) obsticals. I wish to be a world renound author when im older. Either that or a manga artist. ......yeah, manga. Now dont get me wrong, i love the stuff: anime, manga you name it. But im not Otaku. Anyway, thats beside the point. What im trying to get at is, im fun, willing to try new things, curious about most as well, and willing to listen.....most of the time. So yeah, thats pretty much it about me *smile*

2 Responses to This displeases me…..

  1. Ryan Pollard lol says:


    My parents ban me from the computer for EVERY TINY THING I DO EVER!


    Or if I punch my brother if he’s annoying me, he screams at the top of his lungs and I’M the one who gets in the shit for it.

    lol parents are crappy

  2. Culbert Ward says:

    Or if I punch my brother if he’s annoying me, he screams at the top of his lungs and I’M the one who gets in the shit for it.

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