Woah really random this

I was listening to a song this afternoon while i was washing and vacuming the floors ( 😦 ) and someting popped into my head. another poem. (im really on a roll lately)]

tell me what you think!

How could you do that?

How could you sit there,

And watch my bleeding heart decay?

You sat there,

you almost seemed to smile.

Why were you smiling?

Why do you take such pleasure in my pain,

You are the one who put me through this.

Why do you enjoy this so?

Why do you seem to enjoy this,

More than you enjoyed loving me,

And me loving you?

– Mangagirl33 (me)


About mangagirl33
Hi there! Well about me....you could say im very 'out there' and ready to tackle any (well most...) obsticals. I wish to be a world renound author when im older. Either that or a manga artist. ......yeah, manga. Now dont get me wrong, i love the stuff: anime, manga you name it. But im not Otaku. Anyway, thats beside the point. What im trying to get at is, im fun, willing to try new things, curious about most as well, and willing to listen.....most of the time. So yeah, thats pretty much it about me *smile*

One Response to Woah really random this

  1. iviiixxiii says:

    For some reason, the person who the poem is directed to seems to have a sadistic streak. But, I think this poem can be directed to someone who betrayed his or her beloved. It’s like the hurt beloved is asking: “Why? Why are you doing this to me?”

    The tone of the beloved sounded really betrayed. Like all the love and trust given to the listener had just shattered like broken pieces of glass.

    Anyway, that’s what I think. ^^

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