Bad new guys

Hiya reader-kun!

I got some bad news for all of you readers out there, i think i may be coming down with soming. You know, the usuall? Headaches (although i aslways have those), fever, aches and pains, no sleep, groggy. yeah it sucks.


No im kidding, kinda. So for a while i dont think i will be putting up many posts in the mean time. So today im going to put up as many as i can to keep you guys occupied untill i return ok?

I have an idea, you guys know the story of the thousand cranes right? for good luck?

btw i just finsihed watching Law Abiding Citizen. Dam it was awesome. the end could leave a little to be desiered but other than that it was good


About mangagirl33
Hi there! Well about could say im very 'out there' and ready to tackle any (well most...) obsticals. I wish to be a world renound author when im older. Either that or a manga artist. ......yeah, manga. Now dont get me wrong, i love the stuff: anime, manga you name it. But im not Otaku. Anyway, thats beside the point. What im trying to get at is, im fun, willing to try new things, curious about most as well, and willing to listen.....most of the time. So yeah, thats pretty much it about me *smile*

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  1. I cannot believe this is true

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