I really couldnt think of anything to blad about today so i just thought i would tell you about what i did…today.

does that sound redundant or is it just me?

As some on you readers may know, i am…sick-to say the least- at the moment. And this weekend i have an annual camp comming along; District – its where all of the scouts in the district come along for a big camp together – dont say a word about the scot thing – there will be about just under (maybe more) a thousand of us there.

Since i have been sick i have been prepaering for this camp at home…since i can go to the weekly metting and organise it with my friends 😦

Now our theme for this year is constallations and for all you simpltons who doesnt know what a constallation is, its what you call the big groups of preety start up in that massive thing you call a sky. My our constallation for this year in Centaurus, representing on the first centaurs (half man half horse) Charon (i think its spelt). He was a wise creture known for his wisdom in philophsepy, astonamy, science and the way of the earth and also the gift of the warrior which all centurs posses.

techincallities aside, it was one of my jovs to make a banner to represent the constallation centuarus. so i have pretty much spent the last few day doing it (tuesday=planning, wednesday=drawing, thursday=painting and editing)

i dont have the time now, but later on i will post up a picture of my my fantastic banner looks like. It took me forever!

well, probably – in total – it took me like 2 days to complete….lets just say i find my self distracted easily. ^_^

So thats my bornig week for ya….


About mangagirl33
Hi there! Well about me....you could say im very 'out there' and ready to tackle any (well most...) obsticals. I wish to be a world renound author when im older. Either that or a manga artist. ......yeah, manga. Now dont get me wrong, i love the stuff: anime, manga you name it. But im not Otaku. Anyway, thats beside the point. What im trying to get at is, im fun, willing to try new things, curious about most as well, and willing to listen.....most of the time. So yeah, thats pretty much it about me *smile*

3 Responses to Centaurus

  1. wolol24 says:

    Aside from school (which is a load of shit) all I did was sit at home with my annoying little brother to make everything so much more annoying with absolutly nothing to do. I had: No internet, No X-box, No friend’s to do something with and no computer. Well… at least im not sick. :/

  2. mangagirl33 says:

    yeah…well it sounds betta than the time i had (GRR face)

  3. vprisk says:

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