Swine flu: Num 2!

People (aka doctor people) have been saying that another bout of swine flu is about to come through, bigger and badder than ever before! *Epic Music Plays*

OMG! what is it with these people! First along come Swine Flu, they cure it, yippie kai ay, done, finished. GONE. But OH NO, another mutation of swine flu has to break lose. OOOOOOO im so scared! Well, i should be….i have it 😦 It is bad, ill have to admitt, worse than the last one ( which i also had to catch!) but my point is, this wouldnt even be needed if the damn doctors had come up with a secure vaccine in the first place! a second one would never have orriginated! They find a Flu, They fix a Flu, The flu is gone! isnt that how it usually works? or have i been kept in the dark this whole freaking time?!?!??. Oh wellz there aint nothing much i can do about at this point in time.

So just a word of warning to all of those pepy readers out there (hehehehehe i lovew the word pepy), be cautious of the second bout of swine flu! it may be heading your way!


About mangagirl33
Hi there! Well about me....you could say im very 'out there' and ready to tackle any (well most...) obsticals. I wish to be a world renound author when im older. Either that or a manga artist. ......yeah, manga. Now dont get me wrong, i love the stuff: anime, manga you name it. But im not Otaku. Anyway, thats beside the point. What im trying to get at is, im fun, willing to try new things, curious about most as well, and willing to listen.....most of the time. So yeah, thats pretty much it about me *smile*

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